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The Weitzer company has been operating since 1831. With their 180-year tradition of parquet and staircase production, they ensure extremely high standards of quality production. They are the leading Austrian parquet manufacturer.




They are first and only manufacturer of easy-to-maintain parquet for ProStrong and ProActive + surface protection in residential areas. The parquet only needs to be cleaned nicely.

This ensures:

  • 7 times applicated varnish at ProStrong varnishing (special ProStrong protection technology protects the parquet from scratches and wear even under heavy loads);
  • one of the largest wood dryers in Europe (many years of experience in drying ensures maximum possible stability, accuracy and prevents the problematic formation of joints in the recommended climatic conditions. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and dust deeper in the joints);
  • special Weitzer Parkett cleaners (the most suitable cleaners provide clean, hygienic and beautiful parquet floors. All you need is water and "Clever-Cleaner". Coatings are no longer needed. Of course, all Weitzer maintenance products are ecologically tested and for people. and nature completely flawless).




The art of flooring has a significant impact on people’s health and well-being. With health-friendly parquet, Weitzer Parkett provides optimal conditions for a healthy climate.

This allows:

  • wood as a natural material (Wood brings comfort and warmth to the room. The feeling of surface temperature in parquet is 2°C higher than in laminate or ceramics. This saves on heating costs);
  • thicker wear layer of solid wood (the more wood in the room, the better the climate regulation. Thicker layers of solid wood minimize health risks due to too dry or too humid air in the room);
  • AAA effect (Allergic-friendly, Antibacterial, Antistatic. This Weitzer Parkett provides a hygienic and health-friendly space. Compared to textile coverings, dust and dirt do not stay on a smooth parquet surface and parquet is not a habitat for dust mites.);
  • amazing results of ECO-TESTS (Weitzer Parkett was rated the best "very good" among 18 European manufacturers in 2007 by a renowned, independent EKOTEST-Magazine!).




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