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PVC FLOORINGS - heterogeneous


Durability and resistance of PVC floorings and optics of natural materials distinguish heterogeneous PVC floorings in imitations of various types of wood, ceramics, stone... They are significantly harder and more resistant than natural wood and in the same time they are softer and warmer than natural stone and ceramics.

Numerous patterns, borders and combinations with joints allow you to create a unique design.



They come in different thicknesses: 2.0mm; 2.5mm; 3.0mm and 3.5mm. For the user, is essential thickness of the top layer. Thickness 0.30mm to 0.35mm is only suitable for residential areas. For public spaces is required a top layer thickness of 0.40 mm and more. We now also offer PVC floorings on click with a cork base and a floating laying system, of total thickness 10mm. Heterogeneous PVC floorings are very suitable for installation in shopping centers, business premises, offices, restaurants, hotels, banks, schools, kindergartens, etc.



A lot of designs and different collections allow you unlimited creativity in choosing flooring for your space.




Conjure up a straight look with durable PVC materials! Match the natural look with durable PVC materials!




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