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Vorwerk is a leading European manufacturer of textile floorings of the middle and upper class. Textile floorings are available in rolls and panels with a wide range of designs, which constantly receive many prestigious awards.

Vorwerk carpets are made from the best reputable raw material suppliers, such as Dupon Antron from the USA. They use deep print technology, which allows the carpets to remain without deformations during regular maintenance, and the colors to remain unchanged even after many years of use. All items have the necessary fire certificates (B1), are antistatic and also have tests for installation in public buildings and anti-allergy tests.




They are specialized in the production of textile floorings in velour, bouchle and needle-felt flooring. The panels have dimensions of 50x50cm. They are especially suitable for business premises. Burmatex's mainly quality is in the stability of the panels, the use of quality raw materials and modern structured designs that allow laying in countless combinations.




Axminster Carpets is one of the world's largest manufacturers of wool flooring. They produce woven rugs in axminster technology. All woven products are made from 100% finest English wool, for the tufted floor coverings is used the finest New Zealand wool.

For installation in public buildings are used carpets in a combination of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, which ensures exceptional durability while they also gives you feeling of luxurious.

You can find many products on the market which are better and worse copies, but only a "real English axminster" will give you a superior look, comfort and quality and thus a long life of your textile floor covering.






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