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Sports flooring


We supply and install all types of sports flooring. We have the exclusive option to install Weitzer sports flooring for our market.


With Weitzer sports flooring, we are the only providers of the final factory lacquered solid parquet (thickness 21mm) in the sports flooring system. Therefore this system offers users the following benefits:


  • Accordance with the applicable regulations of the Slovenian Ministry of Education in Sport that are required; DIN 18,032-2, EN 14904-4 in ONORM B 2608.
  • They are made of solid wood; they are highly resistant, insensitive, made for multi-purpose uses, ecological, easy to maintain and they are applicable to the Cfl-s1 classification (according to EN 14342/2005) in the fire resistances. 
  • Top layer flexibility; flexibility is optimally distributed due to the factory processing and varnishing of each individual lamella, there is no cracking of the varnish at the contacts of the lamella, as it is with other systems. 
  • Distinguished by high efficiency; due to 21 mm thick solid wood and a very high resistance of the varnish to wear, they are also suitable for non-sporting events and other arrangements.They meet excellent sports standards; referencing the absorption, vertical deformation and reflectivity of the ball
  • An environmentally friendly ProStrong varnishing system program; ProStrong is a factory-made varnishing system consisting of 7 consecutive layer of varnishes, UV-cured in slightly glossy look.
  • ProStrong provides optimal grip; The UV-cured ProStrong varnishing system has a better resistance to the wood wear as any other varnishing system which is performed in facility. Disturbing light reflection is minimized with the ProStrong system.
  • Weitzer sports floors are suitable for sports such as: basketball, football, dance, badminton, handball, volleyball among many others.








  • Sports Hall  Sladki vrh (D05, 1,200 m2)
  • Sports hall II. Gimnazija Maribor (M47, 850 m2)
  • Sports hall Ekonomska gimnazija Maribor (AUSTROSPORT, 750 m2)
  • Sports Hall  of Primary School Dobrova (M47, 1220 m2)
  • Sports Hall of Primary School Šentjur (D05, 530 m2)
  • Sports hall of Primary School Angel Besednjak Maribor (D05, 430 m2)
  • Sports Hall Rače (D05, 1,250 m2)
  • Sports hall of Primary School Franc Rozman Stane Maribor (DO5, 830 m2)
  • Sports Hall of Primary School Pesnica (M47, 810 m2)
  • Sports hall Sv. Ana (D05, 900 m2)
  • Sports hall of the primary school Polhov gradec (D05, 800 m2)
  • Sports hall Ljudski vrt Maribor (D05, 1,000 m2)
  • Sports hall Gimnazija Vič (D05, 850 m2)
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