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Linoleum (the name comes from the words flax and oil) is a 100% natural flooring consisting of:

  • flaxseed oils,
  • resins,
  • wood flour,
  • limestone,
  • natural color pigments,
  • and jute as bases.


Due to its natural components, it is warmer than PVC, as it is a better insulator. Maintenance is easy, only coating intervals need to be observed, depending on the load on the premises.


It is available in various colors and different forms in 2 m wide rolls and panels measuring 33.3 x 33.3 cm and 50 x 50 cm, coming in thicknesses of 2.0; 2.5; 3.5 and 4.0 mm.


From now on it is also available in panels (dimensions 915 x 305mm), on a click system, thickness 10mm, which makes installation much easier.


It is very suitable for all types of premises where there is a suitable climate. In apartments, it is mostly installed in very congested spaces (kitchens and corridors), and in public buildings, especially in kindergartens, hospitals and schools.


The structure of linoleum is identical throughout its thickness, which allows it to be repaired after years of use by sanding and applying a protective coating after which it looks like new.


It is recommended for everyone who prefers natural materials with a long service life and warm colors!

Linoleum floorings




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