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The finished parquets are finally factory processed, varnished or oiled. They offer warmth, natural beauty and are very practical to install without unnecessary dirt, noise and unpleasant odor. They can be used the day after installation.

They have established themselves very well mainly due to the many advantages they offer compared to solid parquets:

  • installation speed
  • varnish resistance to wear due to the UV curing process of the varnish
  • are significantly more stable, which reduces the impact of drying and tensioning of the parquet, special are also useful in bathrooms
  • they are very suitable for laying on underfloor heating due to their low thickness (9 to 14mm) and lower performance


We offer a range of products from Weitzer Parkett, Austria's largest manufacturer of finished parquets.


We also work successfully with Durafloor Werner.




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